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Does your chocolate contain sugar?  

Yes, MOREish does contain some sugar, with up to 50% less than comparable chocolate, so now you can enjoy the creamy, delicious taste of chocolate without all the extra sugar. 

Does your chocolate contain sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners? 

MOREish does not contain any sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. All our ingredients are naturally derived. However, we do use polydextrose as a filler to replace sugar.

 What sweeteners do you use? 

MOREish does not contain any sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. All our ingredients are 100% natural and our products are sweetened with lower amounts of sugar. However, we do use polydextrose as a filler to replace sugar.

Is polydextrose a chemical? / what is polydextrose? 

Polydextrose is classified as a dietary fibre under ASNZ and the FDA, it is made by mixing naturally occurring components, glucose, citric acid, and a minute amount of sorbitol, and it is an inactive additive in food, it functions as healthier low-calorie replacements for oils, fats and sugars.

Are your products nut free?

All our products may contain traces of nuts as they have been made in a factory that uses nut ingredients. 

Do your products contain any allergens? 

All our products may contain traces of nuts, wheat and dairy.  

All our products contain wheat and dairy.  


Does MOREish contain any genetically modified products?

All MOREish products are GMO free, meaning no Genetically Modified ingredients have been used in the making of the MOREish chocolate range. 



Are MOREish ingredients sustainably sourced?

We take great care ensuring our products are not only of a high standard, but that all MOREish products are are palm oil free and use only ethically sourced cocoa. 



What do you replace the 50% sugar with? Artificial sugar replacements? 

We do not replace sugar with any artificial sweeteners, we use polydextrose as a filler to replace the sugar, as we have discovered that you can get the same sweetness, with half the amount of sugar!  




Are MOREish products vegan friendly? 

We’re sorry, our range is not vegan friendly as it contains milk solids derived from animal. Watch this space, we may launch a vegan range in the future! 

Are your products halal? 

Our products have not been certified Halal. Although our range does not contain any alcohol or animal gelatine-derived ingredients, we do not want to make any claims that could compromise your dietary requirements in any way. 

Are your products certified kosher? 

Neither our products nor the facility in which they are prepared has been certified Kosher, but the MOREish products are generally suitable for kosher diets. However, we do not want to make any claims that could compromise your dietary requirements in any way.

Is MOREish low in carbs?

As sugar counts as a carbohydrate, yes, our chocolate is lower in carbs than comparable products.

Is MOREish a low glycaemic product? 

As sugar adds to both the Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load, our chocolate has a lower Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Load than comparable products. 


Is MOREish suitable for diabetics?

No, Moreish is a lower sugar and not a no sugar product.

What is Polydextrose, is it a healthy ingredient?  

Polydextrose is produced from naturally derived ingredients and acts as a bulking agent to get the ideal consistency of a chocolate bar instead of using additional sugar.  

 With the help of food scientists, we have carefully crafted the MOREish ingredient list to meet society’s growing health needs, without sacrificing the indulgent taste.


Are MOREish products healthier than other chocolates?  

Moreish, is lower in calories, carbs, sugar and higher in dietary fibre than comparable chocolates.

 Where can I find MOREish?

MOREish is exclusively available at any Coles store across Australia. Find us in the chocolate aisle! 

Can I order MOREish online in bulk for my store? 

For distribution queries, please contact us at


Is MOREish Australian made and owned? 

Yes, MOREish is a brand from Chokolata. A 100% locally Australian-owned manufacturing company in Sydney. With the trend towards greater health consciousness, we developed our own range to offering people a delicious, creamy chocolate indulgence, made with reduced sugar. 

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What is the purpose of the Health Star Rating system?

The Health Star Rating system aims to 'provide convenient, relevant and readily understood nutrition information and/or guidance on food packs to assist consumers to make informed food purchases and healthier eating choices'.

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